Load faster, scale faster, and sell faster - for less.

Reduce server load, accelerate page speed, and reach your customers faster for just $20/mo.

Don't like waiting? Neither do your customers.

Skip2 Networks offers an advanced CDN service specifically designed for high-performance. Our robust network ensures super fast delivery of web content - providing a significantly better experience for your customers.

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The performance-first platform

Simplify your edge with our web acceleration platform

Run all your sites from a fast unified network, enabling you to use our powerful suite of tools anywhere on your site. 

Let's talk numbers: What's good?

A loading time longer than 6 seconds drives traffic away from your site.

Average First-Page Google Result: 2.65s

Make no mistake: Having slow page load time can take a toll on your analytics and converstion rate. From the start, our focus has been on speed.

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We can save you beaucoup bucks

Major cloud providers happily charge a fortune in fees. Nobody likes waking up to a $2,700 AWS bill ⇗

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Give your clients the results they deserve

Expecting a traffic surge? No worries. Our service scales seamlessly, ensuring a fast, smooth experience for every visitor, no matter where they're at.

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Balance the load of traffic between multiple origin servers for redundancy and performance.

Security by Obscurity

Use our service to obscure information about your origin server, such as location and IP address. 

Easy to Manage

Whether you're an experienced web veteran or just starting a blog, manage your sites with ease.

SSL Certificates

Never worry about SSL again with our automatic certificate management service.


Manage as many domains as you'd like from a unified platform.

Heartbeat Sensor

Instantly reroute your customers in the event that your origin server goes offline.

Get started today

Get the web acceleration platform everyone's talking about. Coming soon to the public, but right now, to you.

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The meat and potatoes

Why are we better?

Some of our coolest features

Deliver your content faster and spend less time fussing with development.

Simple implements to make your website quick

Code Minification

We'll automatically remove comments and blank spaces in your web code to make it smaller.

Gzip, Zstd, & Brotli Compression

We'll use high-performance algorithms to compress your web code, reducing filesize by up to 40%.


Start pre-loading pages when your customers hover over a link or button, instead of on-click.

Do all of this with the click of your mouse

Custom Error and Maintenance Pages

Quickly customize and host custom error pages for if (knock on wood) your server goes down.

Code Injection

Changing Analytics providers? Want to test a new plugin? Won't take any time at all.

Picture Proxy

Automatically crop, scale, compress, or filter images and pictures.

A holistic approach to web security


We don't record data beyond requests and where they came from - no tracking, redacted logging.

Log Exporter

We provide mechanisms for exporting live data to your own syslog servers or logging service.

GDPR Compliant

We're GDPR compliant, made easier due to how little information we collect.

No matter where you host...

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Pricing plans

...we have a plan for you.

If none of these look quite right, please contact us

Yearly (-20%)
$ 20 /mo
Start with your first site here.
$ 60 /mo
For businesses moving quick.
$ 90 /mo
Helping big companies scale now.
Usage (each month)
CDN Bandwidth
500GBCDN Bandwidth
2000GBCDN Bandwidth
4500GBCDN Bandwidth
Picture Proxy Transformations
Accelerators, Injections, and Pages
Static StorageStatic Storage
Automatic SSL Certificates
Custom Connection
Custom Connection
Custom Connection
DNS Hosting with Constellix
Advanced Deployment Options
Advanced Deployment Options
Advanced Deployment Options
24x7x365 NOC Support
Extra Add-ons
Extra Add-ons
Extra Add-ons

As easy as 1-2-3

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We're designing a new web acceleration platform for uncompromised performance. 

You in?