About Us

We're the newest & scrappiest infra provider on the market

Skip2's mission is to make websites faster.

We're a fully-bootstrapped (no external/VC funding) service provider, founded by regular people who are lazer-focused on building a great product and stable business. 

We've built our entire network with other cloud providers, saving time and money, to pass the savings to you. It's how we compete with the big names, how we grow so fast, and how we have the time to make our product better. 

Our infrastructure is spread all around the world across many different physical datacenters and providers, making it extremely resilient to outages. We use cutting-edge software to make your website smaller and more efficient, and then save copies all over the place.

When one of your users heads to your site, they connect through our network, starting with the server that's closest to them. This gives the user the fastest possible response time.

Not to mention the amount of money you'll save on bandwidth bills from AWS, Google, or Azure.

Skip2 is being built by a tiny and passionate team, led by Alex Lee.

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