Web Acceleration Platform Features

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Our powerful infrastructure is comprised of a global network of servers, strategically positioned to ensure swift and efficient handling of your users' requests. As a user initiates a request, it first reaches our network - directed to the nearest available edge 'PoP', or point of presence.

This proximity-based routing ensures minimal latency and optimal performance. Once received, we check to see if we've served this request before, and if we have a cached copy availble right there at the PoP.

Most requests are fulfilled at the edge - we serve the cached content to the user, and your origin server doesn't need to deal with it.

Any request that isn't cached is promptly relayed to your origin server. Upon response, we perform any requested transformations before delivering the information back to the user. If the response contains static content - elements that remain constant - we meticulously store that data at our PoP in a cache.

This strategy allows us to provide expedited content delivery, regardless of the user's geographical location, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

To simplify our featureset, we've split our platform into three different categories, based on the goal: Speed, Security, and Convenience. 

Features that make your website faster...

You'll get up and running quickly with out platform as we've automated the process from start to finish. Migrate your DNS and use our AI tool to optimize your website automatically.

Content Delivery Network

Multiple Cache Tiers

Caching at the edge and near your origin server for maximum efficiency. 

Super-fast Hardware

Powering your edge with the latest AMD and Intel silicon.

Servers near your Users

Reach your users faster through our rapidly-expanding edge network.

To make your website smaller

Picture Proxy

Automatically compress, crop, scale, convert, or filter images and pictures.

Gzip, Zstd, or Brotli Compression

Apply on-the-fly compression to make your website up to 40% smaller.


Automatically remove comments and empty data from your code.

To make your website move quicker

Preloading Scripts

Change your link behaviour so that the next page begins pre-loading when your users hover over it.

Anycast DNS

We partnered with Constellix to bring you world-class DNS service that is super quick.

Defer JS and Lazy Loading

Defer loading Javascript and implement Lazy Loading for images with one click.

Next-Gen HTTP/3 QUIC

HTTP/3 is the next generation of web protocols that allows for much faster data transfer.

Smart Optimized Routing

Location and latency-based routing bring your clients the fastest experience possible. 

IPv6 Support

IPv6 is the successor to IPv4 and brings performance and security improvements.

...and features to make your website more secure...

Security against Web Application Attacks

Advanced Automated CTI

Protect yourself from known-bad actors and suspicious visitors.

Anti-XSS and SQL-Injection

Block up to 99% of known website attack patterns, preventing cross-site scripting and SQL attacks.

Packet Scrubbing

Eliminate the chance for broken packets and malicious requests from reaching your origin server.

Security against Web Server Attacks (like SSH or DDoS-level attacks)

Security by Obscurity

Hide sensitive information about your origin server, such as IP address and location, by default.

DDoS Mitigation

Carrier-grade DDoS protection provided by our datacenter partners to keep you online.

Powerful filtering

Our software firewalls are powerful and stateful, and exist on every node on our network.

...and a few more things just to make your life a little easier...

if you think we're missing anything, let us know.

Protect your brand identity

Custom error & maintenance pages

Serve your custom error and maintenance pages to maintain user confidence when your site is down.

Stay online when you hit big

When you hit big, make sure people can actually sign up. 

Faster speed = Happier customers

Your users hate to wait. Customer satisfaction goes up when your site loads faster.

Picture Proxy: Transform image on-the-fly

Custom cropping, scaling, filtering, etc.

Quickly edit an image just by changing the URL you're calling it with.

Convert to a faster format

Instantly shrink payload size by converting your images to WebP or SVG formats.

Compress JPG and PNG

Automatically compress JPG and PNG files so they load faster.

But wait! There's more...

Automatic SSL Certificates

We'll automatically renew and maintain your SSL certificate for you, with ZeroSSL or Let's Encrypt.

Code injection

Quickly add a snippet of code to every page on your website with a few clicks.

URI Rewrites & Redirects

Easily rewrite parts of a URI to show a new design or redirect your entire site using 301 or 302.

Cache Purge & Bypass Mode

Instantly purge each cache tier with a single click, or enable bypass mode.

Advanced load-balancing

Enable sticky sessions, custom healthchecks, or geo-routing, and manage your traffic better.

HTTP Basic Authentication

Quickly put up a very simple basic authentication popup prior to allowing visitors to your site.

24x7 Support

Contact our support team via live chat or e-mail 24x7x365.

DNS ALIAS and SRV records

Our DNS service enables you to create ANAME (Alias) and SRV records easily.

Visitor Stats

Check out the dashboard to see how many visitors you've had and how much traffic you've saved.

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