TL;DR What is this?

Skip2 Networks is a bootstrapped (self-funded) startup content delivery network service. We operate servers all around the world on all sorts of different networks, where we cache and store data for our customers. When one of our customer's users visit their site they go through our infrastructure, providing an exceptionally quick experience no matter where they're located. 

We compete with hyperscalers, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Akamai.

We compete with mid-tier providers like Cloudflare and Fastly

We compete with folks like us, like

If you run a few websites, or sell online, we can help you boost conversions and SEO.

We serve your data from our servers for you, so we can save you a ton of money in bandwidth and compute from big cloud providers.

We're compatible with all different kinds of web traffic, so we're best utilized as a 'unified edge' for our customers - all of your public sites managed with a simple, powerful single pane of glass.

Our network is different - we optimize our network for performance and speed. We've started the next generation of content delivery networks. And we're growing, fast.

Ready to see what we can do?